The Time For Your Evolution Is Now

About My Work

I help people see themselves more clearly, helping them find forgiveness, and help them find an understanding of themselves and others. Through this, I guide people toward empathy and compassion – for themselves and others, and I help bring more joy and love into their lives. I want to help individuals, couples, families, and businesses fine-tune their lives and realities. 

Serving Humanity, One Person At A Time.

Hello! My name is Ana. I am a highly intuitive empath. I use my divine gifts to help others find clarity, joy, and freedom. I am fully committed to sourcing the answers you need to triumph in your life.

I have traveled the globe, studied at the world’s top universities, and worked as a finance lawyer in London. But I come from a beautiful, small town in Romania, and carry with me the healing wisdom born in the beautiful Romanian countryside.

My earliest memories are filled with roaming hills, valleys, endless fields,  forests, mountains, and the wisdom of the village. I come from a long line of strong, intuitive, and wise women. They are with me upon every step I take. 

My journey is a testament to the love that I embody and have received throughout my life.  The Universe has nourished and guided me at every twist and turn. The challenges that I overcame have only been gifts from the Universe to teach me everything I needed to know about myself to be able to serve other people. 

Choosing to be in sync with love and positivity has turned my challenges into incredible opportunities that took me to the next step in my life. I live in gratitude and awe.

Everything I chose to pursue in my life has been against all odds. But, somehow, I never believed in odds. I just knew that achieving my dreams was my right and destiny, as it is for each one of us.

Our most durable, fruitful, and joyful paths emerge when we learn to love ourselves and seek to see ourselves clearly. I wish this for you and every living soul throughout all of creation. May you always know yourself to your core.

I am committed to sourcing divine guidance into my mind and heart, in service to others. I am passionate about helping you find your way and clear the pathways that lead to the things you desire most. When you do that, everything in life becomes easier and more joyful. 

I have always been passionate about embodying empathy and it is my mission in life to use this ability to encourage compassion and infuse love into your relationships, at home, at work, and anywhere in the world where you may find yourself.  

Let's Work Together To Release Your Past, Establish New Empowering Plans, And Expand Your Life.

By connecting closely together, and often, we’ll uncover your blocks and help you forgive past aspects in your mind and heart.

With our attention focused on your new, emerging Self, we’ll explore your most inspired attributes and put them into service.

We’ll answer the key questions: Who are you? What do you desire? Where are you going? Who is going with you?

Through prayerful and mindful exercises, you’ll invite more light and love into your light, love yourself more often, and embody a resounding lightness of Being.


Are you ready to be inspired & empowered?

I am passionate about helping you find your way and clear the pathways that lead to the things you desire most. When you do that, everything in life becomes easier and more joyful.